Based on its years of experience, SECAN offers air conditioning systems for a wide range of aerospace and military applications.


For the aerospace sector, SECAN offers cooling systems for aircrafts and helicopters. These guarantee cooling of passengers or electronic systems on-board.

Depending on customer requirements, solutions with compact or modular design are chosen. These solutions are more or less complete and include ventilation, ventilation ducts, operational security, electronic enclosures and control interface.

SECAN also provides integrated maintenance tools (and tooling) for ground maintenance for logistical support of its equipment (error code, fault diagnosis and preventive maintenance task).

With its partners, SECAN develops customised components or chooses off-the-shelf components to best match customer specifications.


For military systems, SECAN provides a wide range of products for all types of air conditioning requirements (temperature, pressure and humidity maintenance) in harsh, nuclear, bacterial and chemical (NBC) environments.

Our systems equip communication station shelters, mobile units (shelters, armoured vehicles, vessels etc.), tents and other applications.

For air conditioning or hydraulics, from a few kW to 50kW, SECAN offers complete, autonomous and reliable field or strategic solutions.

SECAN follows aerospace and military standards which include MIL-STD-810, RTCA- DO-160, STANAG, DEF STAN et GAM-EG-13.


SECAN offers its customers solutions to improve and restore its products (such as obsolescence, upgrades and repair) throughout their entire lifespan.