For the manufacture of its heat exchange solutions, SECAN relies on a wide range of technological expertise, such as primary part forming, surface treatment, heat treatment, brazing, sheet metal work, welding, conventional and digital machining etc., as well as on various methods of non-destructive testing (NDT).

All this combined with our supply chain means SECAN is a recognised player in commercial and military aerospace industries.

SECAN manages numerous industrial resources for the production of exchangers and aluminium or stainless steel heat systems. Our cross-functional teams consist of special process technicians and experts to cover varied services, such as:

  • Forming.
  • Surface treatment (degreasing and pickling).
  • Vacuum furnace or salt bath brazing and other heat treatments.
  • TIG and electric resistance welding.
  • Conventional and digital machining.
  • Dimensional, X-ray and dye penetrant inspection.
  • Pressure and performance testing.

Our other support services, such as Procedures, Supply, Planning and Quality, enable us to meet the requirements of each of our customers, from advanced manufacturing to product delivery.