For over 50 years, SECAN, Société d’Études et de Constructions Aéronavales, based in Gennevilliers in the Paris area, has been your partner of choice for heat exchange design, advanced manufacturing, production and support solutions.
Our expertise is recognised in ground and aerospace industries for commercial and military applications.
More specifically focused on small and medium series production, SECAN provides all its expertise to design and produce customized solutions that meet your requirements.
SECAN draws on its experience to develop your heat exchangers, air conditioning systems and aluminium or stainless steel (Inconel) cold plates.


SECAN develops products of a highly technical nature that meet your most stringent requirements.

For the production of heat exchange solutions, SECAN draws on a wide range of technological expertise.

Repair, overhaul and customer care are an integral part of the SECAN service.


Acquired over the years, SECAN offers a high level of expertise in heat exchangers, and can provide equipment that matches any kind of application.

SECAN designs, develops and manufactures vapour compression air conditioning systems, in the aerospace and military sectors.

Repair, overhaul and customer care are an integral part of the SECAN service.


Update dated April 1st, 2020

Since March 31st, 2020, in agreement with the employee representatives and after thorough cleaning, production has restarted at reduced capacity in our facility.
This gradual resumption of activity was made following an appropriate work organization, in strict compliance with government health security rules, and with the renewed objective of protecting the health of all. We will continue to update this message as the situation evolves. For specific issues, please communicate with your usual business contacts.